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The project “Global takes Action: Connecting Youth towards a Sustainable World” has as primary objective to give voice, in a free and accessible way, to all young people from all over the world on the current sustainability challenges.

The project is aimed at analyzing some of the goals set in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by using a universal, inclusive, and proactive perspective. It intends to make students aware of the ongoing global sustainability issues, enhancing their inclination to the intercultural dialogue and developing a universal sense of citizenship aimed at the exchange of substantive solutions.

Participants will compare their realities and exchanging their innovative ideas, understading the importance of turning individuals’ efforts into a concrete global action.  

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Participants will gain knowledge on the economic, social, and environmental consequences of food waste. During the Global Teamwork seminar, students will highlight actions and habits that can reduce food losses and strengthen the sustainability of the food system.

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Participants will analyze various issues related to urbanization and the consequences they provoke on air quality. During the Global Teamwork seminar, the group will highlight some critical aspects related to Global Cities, including – but not limited to – transports, service digitalization and inclusiveness.

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Participants will examine the issue of waste management and, in particular, the impact of waste pollution on soil and water. During the Global Teamwork seminar, the group will discuss the role played by the waste recycling, dealing with topics such as the reduction of the consumption of non-reusable materials, the new soil & water cleaning strategies and the advantages of the circular economy.

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Participants will address the issue of the household carbon footprint and, in particular, the role of sustainable and renewable energies for domestic usage. During the Global Teamwork seminar, the group will highlight actions and habits that can be performed to reduce wastefulness, including domestic heating, waste of water, and electricity consumption.

Stages of the project

  • OPENING CEREMONY – (end of February TBC)

    The Opening Ceremony is open to all participants and it is aimed at describing “Global takes Action”’s content and purpose. During the Opening Ceremony, various guests invited by Global Action will intervene. At the end of the Opening Ceremony, each participant will be assigned to his/her Global Team and Global Action Tutor.

  • WHAT THE EXPERT SAYS – (end of February TBC)

    “What The Expert Says” is the seminar in which each Global Team meets a leading expert of the assigned topic. Students will have the opportunity to openly dialogue with the expert and ask their questions, becoming aware of the critical issues it involves and obtaining valuable inputs to find substantive solutions. At the end of the seminar, each Global Team will receive from its Global Action Tutor additional materials to deepen the topic.

  • GLOBAL TEAMWORK – (February)

    The Global Teamwork corresponds to the part of the “Global takes Action” project in which participants, supported by their Global Action Tutors, share their opinions and ideas, dialoguing with their international colleagues and trying to reach common proposals. During the Global Teamwork, Global Action Tutors will provide each Global Team with all the information necessary to produce the final video.

  • CLOSING CEREMONY – (beginning of March TBC)

    The Closing Ceremony is open to all participants and it takes place once all videos produced by the Global Teams have been edited. During the Closing Ceremony, in the presence of guests contacted by Global Action, videos will be shared and participants will report their experience within the group and their personal feedback on the project. The Closing Ceremony ends with the awarding of the videos produced.




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